Sure the Madden curse might never have plagued

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Sure the Madden curse might never have plagued

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Ah the Madden curse, the most superstition in sport that no matter how far you continue to deny, nevertheless seems Madden 20 coins to come true year after year. Fan bases that are reasonable begin to freak the moment out their franchise star is declared to be among their gaming franchise -- prepare for the turn Ravens fans! While it might seem like all is lost when your team is placed on the cover of a Madden game, there are. Is there any sort of key behind the curse's ability? Today that is guess we'll find out.

Did you really feel that curses could affect GOATS? No how, no way. Brady was on the cover of Madden 18 and the curse was taunted by him using a movie uploaded by the NFL. Inside he breaks a mirror, falls under a ladder and appears to be somewhat confident that he'll be OK for the 2017 season. Well, while the Patriots do what they do almost annually and made the Super Bowl, they did end up dropping to Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles. So while we are still contemplating this curse because creating the Super Bowl is a feat in itself, busted, Tom should have laid off the mirror.

Ray Lewis is a god among men. Look at this animal up there -- that's a guy who should be in the gladiatorial arenas -- instead he is carrying football players' souls. Lewis was an absolute monster of a player and headed the Baltimore Ravens to 2 Super Bowls during his time there. So how fitting was it 2004 when Lewis became the first defensive player to be featured on a cover of a Madden game. And when Brady couldn't stop then you think it could have any chance of hindering? No thank you.

Sure the Madden curse might never have plagued New Orleans Saint's quarterback Drew Brees but it may have had a lingering affect on his playoff ability. Before Madden Brees was the comeback kid, having been a butt on the San Diego Chargers and going become one of football's greatest and to deliver town a championship in 2009. But ever since it has been nothing Louisianan voodoo to your team if it be"Bounty Gate," phantom no-calls or missing the Super Bowl every year since 09. Brees remains one of the best we'll ever see, but the Madden curse did catch up to him.

Calvin Johnson, better known as Megatron was one of the greatest receivers the game has ever seen -- and he did it all. The Detroit Lions drafted the prospect from Georgia Tech and from day one that he began generating. Together with guns-for-arms QB Matthew Stafford throwing him bombs both created the most of every game, even if they ended up an whole season. But he shattered the yard mark and set -- baby -- next year. Something no recipient has done.

Should you ever had any evidence that the Madden curse could be broken to buy Mut 20 coins you do not have to look any farther than this current season of soccer. When he suffered a knee-injury in a 30-6 victory the curse did strike Mahomes. But this really is Mahomes we are speaking about, while he might not have he career that Lewis and Brady have, he is still a monster. So by playoff time Mahomes was back and he was ready to burn the NFL down. They will take on the San Francisco 49ers to get Super Bowl 54 and ended up taking the # 2 seed in the AFC.

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