An RuneScape Ironman fantasy for an early chest

Обсуждение проектов , технологии строительства бань из бруса , а также информация о мобильных банях .
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An RuneScape Ironman fantasy for an early chest

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I started out OSRS as level 3 middle of OSRS gold March this year. Havent played Runescape because I was 10. Played until mid May since I have burnt out (1670 total and 230 QP then).

Geez guy how many hours do you perform day? Quarantine guy, I am in a similar boat to the man you are responding to. Spoke to Hans this morning, I have 24 days performed with the accounts I started in April lol. A lot of that is pretty afk skilling but I'm something like 1650 complete, 255 qp, ~35m total xp... And that is all while working a wfh job this summer! It isn't too mad but I definitely spend a great deal of time on the internet.

Man that's not even that bad really lmaoooo my first 6 months of osrs I clocked 100 days performed in like 180 days of account age, something about there. I think I was averaging just like 11-14 hours every day. Glad I'm not quite that savage anymore.Im seeking to begin barrows soon too, mind showing your whole gear and inv loadout? I don't have any clue what im doing, I would suggest finding a movie og or using the wiki going more in depth.

OMG, It's not an ironman article! 835 chests on my iron and I have still never got a double let alone a triple chest OR even a guthans figure for that matter. Damn, that's a nice chaos rune haul. Meanwhile, im 700 chests in and am missing 3 things for complete barrows and havnt even found a single double torso... Gz on best chestplate for that actual manbod look. And the other to get lookin like a unit. And here I'm 346 chests in without seeing a single set bit Bah!

An RuneScape Ironman fantasy for an early chest

You might wanna consider turning on drop notifications (you will notice RuneScape gold buy on other posts, it is the red text which lets you know how much your fall is worth) This way if you ever get a drop over a certain value it tells you so you don't miss it. Pretty sure I have that but since it is a runelite screenshot it doesn't show it. Old to OSRS. This is a king barrows chest. Full armor in 1.

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