In Cases Like This

Обсуждение проектов , технологии строительства бань из бруса , а также информация о мобильных банях .
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In Cases Like This

Сообщение Kingang » 16 сен 2020, 06:17

It is liked by also the community it should stay and honestly if it's funny, mods should worry about stuff and users. When we upvote that the memes we want the memes, you dingos now the sub just feels dead with a bunch of whinny people. They actually suck lol, can't take criticism at ALL. Really desire achievement posts were banned. You could fill a complete sub with RS gold all the people who post every 99 and every rare drop they get. Something like factorio's approach might work. There is the normal main sub, a meme sub, and a hardcore technical discussion sub. Give me memes or give me a ban!Yea, seriously. I don't play 07 but I am subbed to 07 for your memes and don't even understand why I still visit this one because 90 percent of the articles are just hot garbage.

I'm here because I forgot to press"hot" when I started reddit. Always curious exactly what rs has new but it is same old crap. Honestly nostalgia which is aswell. YES that is overrated! I have been saying that for so long. So frustrating. I visit r/runescape anymore because of how boring it is. I spend most of my time at runescape 2007 now. I understand some articles get filtered manually, but I have no idea just how badly. The mods stayed up all night (I'm presuming ) ensuring that we never got a post regarding the large hacked twitter accounts that were jokingly compared to the doublin' money scam. Meanwhile, runescape 2007 had two or even three in their front page that day. A few of the articles made zero attempt to obstruct the bitcoin/paypal url to be fair to the mods killing those threads however.

So far as memes vs achievement posts goes; neither provide much discussion, but meme articles have significantly more variance to them other than whether the OP uses the full clickbait line (may not mean much to you, but following XX years and no one to share it with, I FINALLY) or when they had the irl invention level to have a screenshot. This sub has become"HELLO! HI THERE! PLEASE NOTICE ME. I don't have any one to share my accomplishments with. . . Look at my amazing rng, hope you are all jealous. . . I just completed this quest. . . Please give me any attention. Dude you or your mother made a cake.

Memes begin conversations better than actual posts speaking about the topic. My upvoted post, hell is a meme. I tried talking about this issue tons of times before, but putting it into a meme arrangement was 10x more effective and obtained hundreds of comments. The craziest aspect of it's all is that plenty of articles tend to be even more low effort than memes, nevertheless get to stay. . . Since they are not memes. Screenshots of something with cheap OSRS gold some title? No problem. Memes that took some time to produce and spark pleasure? They and one report're gone. Why?

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